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Amazon.com - Your one-stop shop for everything from books to cotton candy machines. Another great resource if you're doing any Amazon shopping is the the Amazon Filler Item Finder; it helps you find the exact item on Amazon that you can pick up and add to your order to qualify for free super saver shipping.

Archie McPhee- Whimsical novelty gifts and accoutrements, from classics like the Potato Gun and Martian Popping Thing to home decor like sushi curtains and pirate flags.

Asian Food Grocer- They have a huge variety of nooddles, and the spices section is good for those without a decent Asian grocery close by.

Gentleman's Emporium- The best in authentic Victorian era or Old West era clothing. The outfits are pricey but look high-quality.

Mac'n'Cheese-cabra's Store More- YYou can get t-shirts, stickers, cards and phone or tablet cases with art of everything from your favorite dog to cute hermit crabs or spooky eyeballs, and everything inbetween.

Play-Asia.com - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian Entertainment : Import video game fans and anime otaku, rejoice-- a great variety, very interactive with the customer base, and fast shipping.

Squishable-- These over-stuffed animals and objects are so CUTE. I'll take one of everything, please.

Think Geek- I have dropped more here on cool gifts for cooler friends than from any other online store ever in existence. Ever.

Weird Stuff- A tinker-gnome's paradise; all sorts of cheap, durable, or on clearance electronic compnents, parts, gadgets and gizmos.





















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