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8-bit Lit: Inside the Worlds of Power Series (awarded one of 1up.com's The Best Retro Features of 2006, and called one of the most important stories in 1UP.com's history.)

In the early 1990s, Scholastic Books released the Worlds of Power series -- books based on popular third-party Nintendo Entertainment System games. While the series bears the mark of childhood nostalgia for many gamers that grew up with the NES, there has been much speculation about its creator, F.X. Nine. Why did he create this series? Was his name really F.X. Nine?

The Gaming Generation: Once A Gamer, Always A Gamer

The Atari 2600 was released in 1977. Pac-Mania swept the US in 1980. The NES took the American home console market by storm in 1986. And now, the first generation to grow up with videogames is all grown up. How are some members of the "videogame generation" coping and where do sociologists see the "videogame generation" taking family relationships and gaming itself in the future?

Corporate Combos: When Game Companies Merge

Playstation 3. Nintendo Wii. Xbox 360. Nintendo DS. Sony PSP. The popularity of these consoles is sustained largely by the hit software gamers can play on them, and the Japanese game software industry is currently undergoing a major reorganization.. are all these mergers and acquisitions a sign of the video game industry strengthening from within, or slowly devouring itself? And what will it all mean for the US video game market?

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