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August Pollak's Some Guy With A Website
Politcal cartoons and commentary from August Pollak, whose work has appeared in several print and online publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, In These Times, Campus Progress, the Dartmouth Free Press, and The Madison Observer.

Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia
Created and maintained by Dave Gross. It is hosted by the Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts and Sciences Alliance and is assisted by web surfers and culture jammers alike. Everything from billboard liberation to various Cacophony Societies, to the Quadro drug ``tracker'' scam, to Jello Biafra, to guerrilla theatre, to Abbie Hoffman, to Joey Skaggs' Cathouse for Dogs...

Winner of the Koufax award, Digby and her guest posters offer cogent analysis of the day's political and national news, along with some passionate essays.

Mark Fiore Online-- Biting animated satire every week from political cartoonist Mark Fiore, and winner of the 2002 Award

This Modern World- The weblog of political cartoonist Dan "Tom Tomorrow" Perkins has both links and archives of his weekly comic as well as periodic posts on politics, pop culture and more.

Orcinus- A weblog by award-winning writer and journalist David Neiwert and Sarah Robinson that tackles the everday politics and positions of race in the US. Also contains a fasciniting section on the use of the term "fascism" and a hate group monitor.

Tom Paine-- A website that serves as a "public interest journal". Taking its cue from its namesake, the site aims to broaden the public discourse by presenting views that get short shift (if any shrift at all) in mainstream media.

Whiskey Fire
Another blog on my daily read list, this blog by Ripley, Molly Ivors and flory consistently offers insightful blog posts on politics, gender, and culture.





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